The Dangers of Using GranuFlo

Posted by Kathlyn on April 14, 2013
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GranuFlo, which is manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, is a dry acid product intended for patients suffering from kidney failure. It is used in hemodialysis, a medical procedure that helps cleanse the blood of wastes, like urea, eliminates extra fluid from the body, and returns the body’s blood to maintaining an appropriate level of electrolytes.

Despite its effectiveness in treating kidney failure, GranuFlo is not without side effects, some of which have been found to place patients at risk of serious health problems, such as cardiac arrest, low blood pressure, metabolic alkalosis, heart attack, heart arrhythmias, or even sudden death. In 2010 alone, approximately 941 cases of cardiac arrest due to GranuFlo were recorded, along with a range of other severe complications. Due to the danger it poses to patients’ health, the US Food and Drug Administration was forced to issue a Class 1 recall (the highest level of recall) on the product.

Kidney Failure, Hemodialysis and GranuFlo

The main function of healthy kidneys is to cleanse your blood of wastes and remove extra fluid by converting these to urine. When your kidneys can no longer perform these tasks, dialysis is performed to remove these wastes and fluid to keep your blood clean and healthy.

During the dialysis procedure, the blood of a patient is drawn from his or her body and processed using a dialysis machine. As blood is made to flow back into the patient’s body, urea and creatinine, which are dangerous substances, should have been removed. It is through the help of GranuFlo, a dialysate, that these substances are removed and the level of helpful chemicals in the blood maintained.

Despite its usefulness, however, you should still be concerned with any personal injury that can occur from use. If you are suffering from any of the complications of this dry acid concentrate, make sure you contact a GranuFlo lawyer immediately.

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