Information For Students: The Importance of Retaining a Business Attorney

Posted by Kathlyn on March 20, 2013
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A business attorney can be a good investment for any commercial business owner. Because business law can be somewhat complex, it is not easy for a non-lawyer to dot all the Is and cross the Ts. Important legal aspects are bound to be overlooked or forgotten, simply because business executives might not have the legal skills and experience to deal with business legalities. A competent business lawyer will ensure that all the necessary legal requirements are upheld and that all relevant paperwork is completed accurately and efficiently.

What kind of trouble can you get into if you don’t have the benefit of a business attorney’s expertise? Well, that depends. If you are just starting out in business, you may find yourself in deep water when it comes to drafting partnerships or corporate documents. Such contracts and documents may be drawn up incorrectly, or written to your disadvantage. Liability is another area where you can run into trouble, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Additionally, compliance with the state and federal rules and regulations governing your type of business, or the formation of your business, can cause problems if your legal documentation is incorrect or problematic. Unfortunately, it won’t help your case to say you “didn’t know” that you made a mistake. The owners of the flight school ( swear by the assistance of their business attorney, who helped greatly with tax liabilities and the formation of the company. It is your responsibility to know, and for your lawyer to explain to you what all those legal terms actually mean.

According to the website of the Cedar Rapids business attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC, a lawyer can not only protect from legal complications when your business is beginning, but can also provide support if and when a person or entity sues your company for violation of law.  Having this support can be beneficial because you will not have to worry about what legal steps to take to fight back; your attorney will take care of it for you. This will guarantee that a professional will be dealing with issues they are familiar with while you concentrate on running your business.

Retaining a business attorney is a worthwhile expense. From the time that you start a business, there are legal complications that are best left to a professional to handle, as mistakes can be made easily and can lead to complete and utter ruin. Compliance with all business laws is critical, and a lawyer can help you be sure you are doing what you need to do.

Learn More About Theft Crimes

Posted by Kathlyn on March 15, 2013
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common types of criminal offenses, it can still put a strain on you and your life. Being arrested can mean that you face hefty financial penalties, as well as possible long term imprisonment. Your life does not have to end like that.

There are a number of theft charges, and penalties depend on the severity of these different types. The different types of theft are:

  1. Identity theft – where a person uses private details of the victim (such as credit cards) to purchase or acquire things
  2. Property theft – when a person steals something that is legally owned by another person
  3. Shoplifting – also called retail theft, this involves taking merchandize or goods from a business without paying for those things
  4. Burglary – illegally entering another person’s home with the intent of stealing  personal property
  5. Automobile theft – stealing or taking another person’s car without his or her knowledge or permission
  6. Robbery – taking or trying to take something valuable from a person using threats and force, causing fear in the victim

People arrested for theft charges more often than not have their rights taken for granted. You don’t have to put up with such treatment. Knowing your rights and fighting for them is important, which is why it is just as important to find a criminal attorney that you can trust.  Being under police custody can be hard, especially when you want to maintain your rights, but with a good lawyer, you won’t have to put up with bad treatment.

What Students Should Look Out For in Used Cars

Posted by Kathlyn on February 25, 2013
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Shopping around for used cars can be hard, especially if you don’t know anything about cars aside from driving it to the nearest automotive shop. Buying used cars is not like buying brand new cars, because the quality of used cars depends mostly on how well the previous owner maintained it, and for what it was used for.

In Austin, it is easy to go to a used car dealer. There are about 300 car dealers in Austin alone, so you have got a lot to choose from. If you do go to a used car dealer, choosing the right car can be easier if you do your research first. Find out if there have been any complaints against a particular dealer. You can go online to find customer reviews, or check with the Better Business Bureau. But even if you find a reputable used car dealer, you should still know how to assess a car’s value and capabilities.

If you have a particular make and model in mind, go online first and see what the going rate is for that particular car so you have an idea of what price you may have to pay. If you don’t have anything in mind, check out what’s available in the lot and do the same thing for any car you might like.

When you do find a car you think you like, you’ll also want to investigate its:

  • Body – look for dents, scratches, loose parts
  • Suspension – test a car’s suspension by applying pressure on the bumper and fender and listening to the sounds they may make. Any clacking or banging sounds may indicate a problem with the suspension.
  • Brakes – check how far down the pedal will go; it shouldn’t go further than halfway. If it does, you may have to get it repaired.
  • Interior – A worn interior might mean that the car’s mileage is high. So if the odometer says 60,000 but the carpet is worn ragged, it could be more like 160,000.
  • Engine – check under the hood; if the engine is greasy, it might be a sign of a leak. But even if it looks clean, it’s no assurance the engine is sound. You may still need to bring it to a mechanic to get an independent assessment.

These are just some of the factors you need to consider before committing to buying a used car. The best thing for you to do is to get the dealer of the used car to give you a written inspection and repair estimate that you can use in case the car is in worse shape than you believed.



AlloDerm: An Unsafe Solution to Abdominal Hernia

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In the past, Skin cell injuries or damages, such as those resulting from surgeries or burns, were usually treated and repaired through traditional skin grafting, a surgery which involved skin transplantation, taken from the patient‘s own body. LifeCell’s introduction of AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix, or simply AlloDerm, in 1994 changed this procedure. While also intended to enable growth of new cells on severely damaged skin, this new skin grafting technique harvests carefully processed cells / skin tissues from cadavers rather than patients. Besides burns, AlloDerm came to be used in many other treatments, including implants, grafts, breast reconstruction after mastectomy (removal of the whole breast), as well as hernia surgeries, most especially abdominal hernia.

A hernia, which anyone from infants to senior citizens can develop, is a condition wherein an internal organ pushes through a weakened tissue or muscle that contains or surrounds it, producing a lump or a bulge under the skin. In the case of abdominal hernia, an organ, such as the intestine, protrudes through a tear in the abdominal wall’s inner lining.

Treating hernia requires a surgical procedure, and the introduction of AlloDerm, which is considered a safe and effective surgical mesh that has the potential to cause the pain and discomfort caused by hernias to disappear, seemed to be the most logical way to solve this medical concern.

Unfortunately, a number of patients who have undergone hernia surgeries between the years 2007 and 2009 have recently complained of the side effects of AlloDerm. Some of these complaints are:

  • Infection – This happens at the exact location of the surgery. It appears as hardening or swelling of the skin, lasting and increasing pain, reddening of skin, or fever.
  • Abscess – Infection caused by parasites or bacteria leads pus to gather in any one body part, but usually in the brain, throat, lung or skin. This, then, leads to the formation of an abscess or boil. Abscesses that grow inside the body are more dangerous as they are harder to detect and even more difficult to treat.
  • Mesh Tear or Perforation – The worst effects of these are re-occurrence of hernia, requiring new surgical procedures.

If you or anyone you know is suffering due to the complications caused by AlloDerm, you can save yourself and your loved ones from the burden of medical expenses and other financial difficulties by filing an AlloDerm lawsuit. These complications may not have been intended, but those responsible for them need to be held accountable for their failure in guaranteeing the product’s safety. Contact an attorney to learn more about your legal rights and options in this difficult situation.


Staying Safe on the Road after Finals and the Holidays

Posted by Kathlyn on December 30, 2012
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Fortunately for the majority of college students, the most dreaded time of the year – finals – has come and gone. Weeks spent arduously pouring over notes and past lectures, writing page after page for that perfect essay or dissertation, and getting those final labs completed has finally come to a much sought after end. While many college students look forward to the completion of the seemingly endless studying and the ability to start sleeping again, most choose to first celebrate the end of finals by spending time with family and going out with friends. However, this comes at a time when the parties and celebrations are only starting with the beginning of the holidays. As a result, January is often a time when college students and others alike are trying desperately to catch up on much-needed rest.

Unfortunately, while in this sleep-deprived state that finals and the holidays often create, college students could be putting themselves and others at a much greater risk of being involved in a car accident due to driving while drowsy. Although many people understand the dangers that accompany drowsy driving, the AAA Foundation reports that nearly 33% of Americans continue to drive when they are sleep-deprived.

As a result, it is estimated that one in six car accidents are the result of a drowsy driver operating their vehicle, with many of these accidents resulting in serious injuries, costly property damage, and victims taking legal action with the help of a car accident lawyer. Fortunately, there are steps that drivers can take to prevent these accidents from occurring. Some ways to decrease your chances of being involved in a drowsy driving accident include the following:

  • Be aware of the signs that may indicate that you are becoming too tired to drive. These signs include difficulty focusing, trouble focusing on the road/not daydreaming, missing signs/turns/exits, having trouble keeping your head up or eyes open, swerving repeatedly, and having difficulty remembering the previous miles driven. If you notice these signs, you should pull over to rest.
  • Take a break frequently – depending on how long you are driving and how tired you are, you should stop at frequent intervals (anywhere from every 20 minutes to every 2 hours) to rest, take a break, grab some food, or walk around. This can keep you engaged and awake.
  • Drive with a friend for long distance trips – if you are taking a drive that extends for more than a few hours or couple hundred miles, you should seriously consider bringing a friend with you so that you can switch drivers throughout the trip. This not only gives you a break from the monotony of driving, but it also allows you to sleep/rest during your break.
  • Avoid sugary caffeine drinks – while some people think that sugary drinks will help wake them up, the effects of these beverages are short lived, and can cause a driver to crash later on.

It may be impossible to avoid driving while tired after this hectic time of year; however, by taking these and other preventative actions, you can better keep yourself and others on the road safe.


The Effects of Hypospadias: A Topamax Complication

Posted by Kathlyn on June 05, 2012
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Topamax, the brand name for the drug Topiramate, is a prescription drug that was manufactured by Johnson & Johnson and was made available to the general public in 1996. It was specifically produced to help people suffering from epileptic seizures and migraine attacks. By holding back seizure and pain-causing signals originating from the nerves, Topamax is able to effectively decrease the likelihood of migraine attacks and epileptic seizures more than any other brand.

It did not take long after its release, however, before this anti-seizure and anti-migraine prescription drug was found to increase the likelihood of birth defects occurring in the children of women who took the drug during their pregnancy. Unfortunately, a significant number of pregnant women were prescribed this medication before its deleterious effects became widely known.

The severe possible birth defects Topamax can cause made the US Food and Drug Administration take action, advising doctors to prescribe the drug only in particular circumstances. A statement from the FDA was also released on March 4, 2011 on the risks Topamax exposed pregnant women to in the event that they decide to use the drug.

One of the serious complications of Topamax is hypospadias, a condition that places the urethra, the tube where urine gets drained from the bladder, at the underside of the male organ instead of at the end. Besides causing complications in the normal method of urination, this condition can also considerably impede adult sexual intercourse.

Studies have shown that hypospadias are hereditary; studies also show, however, that the use of Topamax during pregnancy can increase the risk of this defect. Though medical treatment to correct the condition is available, the cost is prohibitively high for many. Yet, if not corrected, difficulty in the proper use of the toilet, decrease in sexual function plus insecurity, and depression may be lifelong inconveniences.