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Posted by Kathlyn on March 15, 2013
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common types of criminal offenses, it can still put a strain on you and your life. Being arrested can mean that you face hefty financial penalties, as well as possible long term imprisonment. Your life does not have to end like that.

There are a number of theft charges, and penalties depend on the severity of these different types. The different types of theft are:

  1. Identity theft – where a person uses private details of the victim (such as credit cards) to purchase or acquire things
  2. Property theft – when a person steals something that is legally owned by another person
  3. Shoplifting – also called retail theft, this involves taking merchandize or goods from a business without paying for those things
  4. Burglary – illegally entering another person’s home with the intent of stealing  personal property
  5. Automobile theft – stealing or taking another person’s car without his or her knowledge or permission
  6. Robbery – taking or trying to take something valuable from a person using threats and force, causing fear in the victim

People arrested for theft charges more often than not have their rights taken for granted. You don’t have to put up with such treatment. Knowing your rights and fighting for them is important, which is why it is just as important to find a criminal attorney that you can trust.  Being under police custody can be hard, especially when you want to maintain your rights, but with a good lawyer, you won’t have to put up with bad treatment.

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