Catholic University Fights Overt Student Condom Distrbution

Posted by Kathlyn on April 22, 2013

Officials at Boston College, a private, Catholic University located in Chestnut Hill, are fighting student and faculty efforts to make condoms easily available on campus. Catholic beliefs forbid birth control such as prophylactics and hormone patches, with these beliefs extending into how the university is governed.

A student group at Boston College has been distributing condoms on campus for years. Over the past two years, the group has handed out thousands of condoms to its fellow students in designated “Safe Sites,” usually dorm rooms and other residences. However, in a March 15 letter, the school’s administration threatened to take disciplinary action against students who are found distributing birth control on campus. The school’s view is that allowing the distribution of birth control on campus contradicts its “responsibility to protect” Catholic traditions and values.

In keeping with that responsibility, the school is now aiming to shut down the Safe Sites, but the effort is meeting resistance from many students and faculty members. The most compelling argument for the removal of the Safe Sites is that because students are adults, they should exercise sexual responsibility and purchase birth control for themselves away from school grounds.

A meeting between the student organization and BC’s administrators is scheduled for one week from today, the 29th of April.

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