Keeping Safe On The Boston Highway With Protective Motorcycle Gear

Posted by Kathlyn on October 10, 2013
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Motorcycle enthusiasts will tell you that nothing compares to the thrill of riding a motorcycle at high speeds down an open roadway. Although motorcycles are an exciting way to travel and afford riders many benefits, these vehicles also pose a degree of danger not seen in other vehicles.

This is largely due to the fact that motorcycles provide no exterior protection for riders as do conventional automobiles. Because of this fact, even the smallest incident or collision could result in serious harm to a motorcycle rider. While an injured motorcyclist may be able to take legal action against the party responsible for their accident with the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer, there are things that motorcyclists can do to protect themselves from suffering serious harm in the first place.

One of the easiest and most important things that motorcycle riders can do to stay safe on the road is to outfit themselves with the proper motorcycle safety gear. Not surprisingly, the single greatest piece of safety gear a motorcyclist can invest in is a reliable helmet, particularly one endorsed by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Although an accident can result in damage to any part of your body, if the head or brain is damaged, it can result in devastating health complications, life-long disability, or even death. As such, it is essential to take action to protect this part of the body every time you get on a motorcycle, whether the law in your state requires you to use a helmet or not.

In addition to using a helmet, a motorcyclist needs to make sure that the rest of their body is adequately protected, as well. According to the website of the Sampson Law Firm, this is usually done by wearing think, protective clothing, such as heavy boots, long pants, and protective jackets. Leather is especially beneficial for protecting riders from devastating road rash and other injuries in the event of a collision or skid, which is likely why items such as leather jackets have become so iconic among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Although this type of gear cannot prevent an accident from occurring in the first place, it can significantly reduce the damage that a motorcyclist sustains in the event that an accident does occur.

Ford Recalls Crown Victoria, Mercury Grand Marquis, Lincoln for Faulty Steering Shaft

Posted by Kathlyn on October 04, 2013
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In a pre-emptive move, American auto-maker is recalling three models of cars which have been found to have a faulty steering shaft.

Ford Motor Company has recalled 370,000 vehicles of the make Lincoln Town Car, Ford Crown Victoria, and Mercury Grand Marquis from Canada and the US which were manufactured between 2005 and 2011. It was found that there was a risk of corrosion of the lower intermediate steering shaft for these vehicles, which could lead to a loss of steering control while in operation.

The car maker is set to replace the part for free for all cars that are brought back to them starting October 21 if it shows signs of corrosion, or to simply secure the lower steering column bearing. It will depend on what is found during the inspection. Car owners are encouraged to get in touch with Ford to find out more about the recall.

If the recall had not been made, and a motorist suffers injury from a car crashed caused by the separation of the bearing or corrosion of the shaft, it could mean a considerable financial settlement. Affected car owners include but are not limited to those from Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Kentucky and Ohio.

Moving to Boston as a Student

Posted by Kathlyn on May 17, 2013
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The City of Boston is home to more than 40 universities and colleges. As such, it needs to be able to accommodate thousands of students moving into and out of it every year. Students moving into Boston should be aware of what the city has to offer and how the landlord/tenant relationship laws may differ from those in their hometown.

Make sure to familiarize yourself with your neighborhood right away when you move to town. This help you get your bearings and acquaint you with where the places you will want to visit and avoid may be. This can also help you begin mapping out any public transport routes available to you. Boston has robust public transportation and even a bike sharing system.

When you sign the lease for your Boston home, there are specific rules that your landlord will have to follow. Your landlord cannot charge you a pet fee, but can ask for a security deposit as well as your first and last months’ rent at the time of signature. As a renter, your landlord will be responsible for keeping the premises safe from dangerous conditions.

Boston is a wonderful city with a lot of history and culture. You will have a blast exploring everything the city has to offer!

Train and Railroad Accidents: The Necessity of Safety Gates

Posted by Kathlyn on May 07, 2013
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For centuries, trains have served as a major means of transportation – they have helped move thousands of passengers and have carried tons of goods and cargo. Unfortunately, they have been the cause of thousands of injuries as well. The railroad system in the U.S. stretches from coast to coast, and whether it is a freight train or a passenger train passing, only a couple of things are sure: both are huge and powerful. Thus, if something goes wrong, any of the two has the capability to cause property damage in huge amounts, or even cause significant loss of lives.

A motor vehicle colliding with a train is nearly always disastrous, as the force from a train’s speed will definitely render almost any collision, especially with smaller and lighter vehicles, fatal. Train accidents usually happen due to rail company negligence, lack of safety gates, poorly maintained railroad tracks, mechanical defects and malfunctions, train conductor error ,and improperly marked railroad crossings.

To prevent these types of deadly collisions, one of the most basic things necessary is to assure that safety gates are properly installed at every railroad crossing. Additionally, they need to be regularly checked in order to ensure they are working fine. While markings inform motorists that they are approaching a railroad crossing, safety gates announce the approach of a train and that every motorist will have to stop.

The damage to lives and property a train and railroad accident can cause can be tremendous, and if it’s due to negligence it should never go unpunished. If you or a member of your family has been a victim of this a railroad accident caused by a lack of safety gates, you may want to contact an experienced personal injury attorney. They may be able to help you pursue justice and the compensation you need to cover the financial losses and sufferings you and your family have been subjected to.

Child Injury

Posted by Kathlyn on May 03, 2013
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Child injuries, and fatal child injuries, are unfortunately common. While the loss of a child is never easy to bear, the loss can be especially painful when the passing is unexpected, as is the case with many unintentional injuries, because the parents have no way of preparing for the shock. More than any other thing, unintentional injury accounts for 30% of all fatalities of children between the ages of one and 14 in the U.S. every year. In 2009, more than 6 million children in that age range suffered from non-fatal injuries, mostly from falls. Other deaths were the result of car accidents, drowning, fires, and suffocation.

Other unfortunately common causes of child injuries include:

  • Playground accidents
  • Bullying
  • Fighting
  • Defective products
  • Poisoning
  • Striking or being struck against an object
  • Dog bites / Animal attacks

While the majority of fatal and non-fatal unintentional child injuries occur at home, there are instances where a child is injured through the negligence or recklessness of another person. In many states, the parents of a child who had wantonly and willfully injured another child may be held liable under civil law.

Some physical injuries affecting children are mild; the more lasting injury to the victim is fear and emotional trauma. Other injuries are more severe and can have lifelong financial, physical, and emotional effects on the victim and the family, such as brain and spinal cord injuries. In cases where the negligence, carelessness, or irresponsible behavior or conduct of another person results in injury or injury-related death to a child, an attorney should be consulted. Such extreme and damaging negligence cannot go unpunished, and the victim and the victim’s family should not carry the costs of the child’s injury-related expenses alone. While nothing can erase the damage that results from a child injury, in some cases, taking legal action, or seeking counseling for both the child and their family, can help accident victims to gain closure and move on after an accident.

Catholic University Fights Overt Student Condom Distrbution

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Officials at Boston College, a private, Catholic University located in Chestnut Hill, are fighting student and faculty efforts to make condoms easily available on campus. Catholic beliefs forbid birth control such as prophylactics and hormone patches, with these beliefs extending into how the university is governed.

A student group at Boston College has been distributing condoms on campus for years. Over the past two years, the group has handed out thousands of condoms to its fellow students in designated “Safe Sites,” usually dorm rooms and other residences. However, in a March 15 letter, the school’s administration threatened to take disciplinary action against students who are found distributing birth control on campus. The school’s view is that allowing the distribution of birth control on campus contradicts its “responsibility to protect” Catholic traditions and values.

In keeping with that responsibility, the school is now aiming to shut down the Safe Sites, but the effort is meeting resistance from many students and faculty members. The most compelling argument for the removal of the Safe Sites is that because students are adults, they should exercise sexual responsibility and purchase birth control for themselves away from school grounds.

A meeting between the student organization and BC’s administrators is scheduled for one week from today, the 29th of April.

Boston University Student among Those Slain in Marathon Bombing

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Among the three people who were killed in Monday’s bombing at the Boston Marathon’s finish line was a Boston University graduate student.

The student was a Chinese citizen whose name is not being disclosed through her family’s request, but has been identified as a math and statistics major. One of her friends, another Chinese citizen, was among those seriously injured in the blasts. The Chinese consulate and BU are working closely together to assist the victims’ families with anything they may need under these tragic and trying circumstances.

The university is offering counseling and guidance to those who have been affected by these terrible acts through various channels, including the Student Health Services, and the chaplains at Marsh Chapel. There will also be a service at the chapel at 5:30 this evening. Everyone is welcome to attend.

There is still very little known concerning who is responsible for Monday’s bombings and what the motive behind them was. If you have any information, video, or photographs, please share them with authorities by calling the police department’s anonymous tip line at 1-800-494-TIPS or sending email to [email protected].

Our thoughts and hearts are with the city of Boston and the victims of this terrible tragedy.

The Dangers of Using GranuFlo

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GranuFlo, which is manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care, is a dry acid product intended for patients suffering from kidney failure. It is used in hemodialysis, a medical procedure that helps cleanse the blood of wastes, like urea, eliminates extra fluid from the body, and returns the body’s blood to maintaining an appropriate level of electrolytes.

Despite its effectiveness in treating kidney failure, GranuFlo is not without side effects, some of which have been found to place patients at risk of serious health problems, such as cardiac arrest, low blood pressure, metabolic alkalosis, heart attack, heart arrhythmias, or even sudden death. In 2010 alone, approximately 941 cases of cardiac arrest due to GranuFlo were recorded, along with a range of other severe complications. Due to the danger it poses to patients’ health, the US Food and Drug Administration was forced to issue a Class 1 recall (the highest level of recall) on the product.

Kidney Failure, Hemodialysis and GranuFlo

The main function of healthy kidneys is to cleanse your blood of wastes and remove extra fluid by converting these to urine. When your kidneys can no longer perform these tasks, dialysis is performed to remove these wastes and fluid to keep your blood clean and healthy.

During the dialysis procedure, the blood of a patient is drawn from his or her body and processed using a dialysis machine. As blood is made to flow back into the patient’s body, urea and creatinine, which are dangerous substances, should have been removed. It is through the help of GranuFlo, a dialysate, that these substances are removed and the level of helpful chemicals in the blood maintained.

Despite its usefulness, however, you should still be concerned with any personal injury that can occur from use. If you are suffering from any of the complications of this dry acid concentrate, make sure you contact a GranuFlo lawyer immediately.

Police Warn Boston-area Middle Schoolers not to Play “Kicking Game”

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big booting in schoolsStudents at Marshall Middle School are being told to discontinue playing a “game” called “Big Booting” after a student was injured at school as a result.

Big Booting is a barbaric game in which one student kicks an unsuspecting friend or classmate in the back of the head. There have been at least two serious Big Booting incidents in the past few months.

Police are unsure of the game’s origin, but have seen its consequences first hand. Criminal assault and battery charges have been filed against the student accused of the most recent big booting incident. His victim was left with a noticeable indentation on his head and had to go to the school’s nurse. The kicker was suspended from school.

It’s an injustice when child suffers undue injuries, especially in places that are responsible for ensuring their safety. Hopefully this police effort will curb the growth of this violent game.

Qualifying for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy through the Means Test

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When a person’s debts become so burdensome and unmanageable that they can no longer reasonably make payments and maintain their quality of life, it is easy to feel like there are no options to achieve financial solvency or get out of debt. However, this is far from the truth as there are a number of options for debtors looking to get a fresh financial start. Two of the most common choices that debtors pursue in this situation are Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

In seeking financial assistance or debt relief, a debtor may think that they have the option to file for either of these types of bankruptcy; however, there is a large distinction between these two forms of bankruptcy, particularly in who is allowed to apply for each. The main difference in eligibility for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the amount of income that a debtor or their family has. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to provide financial relief to debtors whose income is too low to reasonably pay off their debts in any amount of time, whereas Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to provide payment options and debt relief over time for debtors who have enough income to make consistent payments.

In order to identify those individuals or households who are eligible to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the Chapter 7 means test has been put in place. This test measures your income and compares it against certain factors in order to determine whether your income truly is low enough to make you an applicable candidate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In order to pass the means test and qualify to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a person must meet one of the two following criteria:

  • Have a monthly income that is less than the median (average) income for a household of their size in their state
  • Have a disposable income that is considered too low to adequately make payments on debts that are unsecured, like credit card debts. Disposable income is calculated by subtracting your allowed monthly expenses, such as rent, food, and bills, from your monthly income. Figuring out whether your disposable income is low enough can be extremely difficult as the amount of money you are allowed for necessary expenses varies from area to area. As such, many people turn to a bankruptcy attorney for help calculating their income levels.

The means test is not meant to make bankruptcy more confusing or difficult for debtors, but rather is in place to guide debtors to file for the form of bankruptcy that will be best for them in the long run.